Our five values


1 - A worship of whiteness of the Eucharist (A communion in the mouth and kneeled down as only one heart together with our Pope Benito XVI)

2 - The love of the immaculate Virgin Mary’s heart ( To tell the one’s beads (Rosary of the holy Decree of love) every day at 9 am and follow Queen Mary’s messages of the peace)

3 - Love Pope Benito XVI (To pray for the Church and to be at prayers into a blithely obedience)

4 – To prefer the purity of the language, by treating God and all Holies by “Vous” instead of “Tu” when praying as well as in the liturgy.

5 - Loving the purity of the garment (marital dress) according to the colours of Vatican and according to the desires of the of Jesus’ love, divine decree.

Provided since 2001, with the authentic imprimatur forwarded by Mrg. Constantin Guirma’s whom was born in the sky on the 6th August 2010 during the party (holiday) of God’s transfiguration, By knowing that the Christ-king’s Divine Decree is the announcement of the glorious return of the Messiah on earth so far confirmed by the King David’s star appearance in the sky since July 2010.